Kronika Bukowsko
by Kazimiera Kochańska

Translated and Edited by Roman Kałużniacki

English translation and additional materials copyright (c) 2017


The Kronika Bukowsko is a Polish school diary (kronika) started in 1945. It tells of life in Bukowsko just after World War II and during the involuntary resettlement by the Soviet government of Poland of Łemkos, Ukrainians, and Poles (Akcja Rzeszów and Akcja Wisła).

When the Kronika was started in 1945, Kazimiera Kochańska was a teacher in the elementary school, though she became principal shortly afterwards. She was educated and as a result the diary is well written and full of emotion. Kochańska not only became the school principal but developed into a strong advocate for the village and gmina of Bukowsko and was heavily involved in its civic life. Kochańska was loved and respected by everyone who knew her. She was a vital force in this village.

Kazimiera Kochańska wrote detailed descriptions of what was happening during the terrible siege of her village and the surrounding villages just after WWII. She describes the horror of having homes invaded, the sounds of cattle and other animals screaming as they were being slaughtered and then the villagers being ordered to start cooking to feed the horrible invaders. All the time knowing that their homes would probably be torched and burned to the ground. The heartache comes through, and yet, so does the strength of the villagers.

The book is published in electronic form on a CD with the book in a PDF with extensive images linked to the main PDF file.

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