Residents of BUKOWSKO killed by Hitler and Stalin in WWII

The following was on a plaque mounted on the parish church in Bukowsko, województwo Krosno, archdiocese of Przemyśl.

"For those who fought for a free and independent Poland against
Hitler's and Stalin's occupation."

Killed During September Campaign:	Those killed at Katyn and Ostaszków Camp
Kochański, Michał, age 63               and buried at Miednoje:
Pleśniarski, Andrzej, age 38            Chorążek, Stanisław, age 47
Sokół, Stanisław, age 44                Krawiec, Jan, age 31
Wilecki, Władysław, age 28              Kowalik, Stanisław, age 46

                      Shot During Occupation:
Chrząszcz, Stanisław, age 47            Sokół, Wincenty, age 28
Cytlau, Michał, age 42                  Łuczyński, Jan, age 62
Gotkowski, Bolesław, age 42             Łuczyńska, Ludwika, age 53

                  Tortured in Prison and Death Camps:
Bednarz, Andrzej, age 30                Pietrzycki, Jan, age 27
Duduś, Paweł, age 31                    Pietrzycki, Wilhelm, age 42
Hertig, Michał, age 23                  Pieszczoch, Fryderyk, age 20
Hołowkiewicz, Antoni, age 46            Pituch, Franciszek, age 20
Hujsak, Paweł, age 28                   Pituch, Jan, age 30
Karbowski, Franciszek, age 44           Pleśniarski, Adam, age 38
Karbowski, Kazimierz, age 20            Płonka, Kazimierz, age 36
Karbowski, Michał, age 46               Próżny, Mieczysław, age 18
Kotecki, Jan, age 30                    Rakoczy, Andrzej, age 23
Kowalik, Karol, age 21                  Roczniak, Stanisław, age 30
Koziorowski, Józef, age 32              Wałecki, Andrzej, age 25
Łuczyński, Eugeniusz, age 31            Zabłotny, Jan, age 49
Łuczyński, Mieczysław, age 27           Zabiega, Paweł, age 30
Łuszcz, Władysław, age 21               Zajac, Antoni, age 32
Madej, Wincenty, age 45                 Żytka, Leon, age 27
Piłat, Michał, age 46

           Members of the Polish Army beyond the borders:
Karbowski, Władysław, age 30            Łuczyński, Piotr, age 26
Bień-Łuczyńska, Władysława, age 26      Łuczyński, Czesław, age 37
Łuczyński, Eugeniusz, age 24

                       In the Polish Army:
Chrząszcz, Joachim, age 49              Pleśniarski, Władysław, age 21
Duduś, Michał, age 21                   Sobolewski, Wincenty, age 25

                  Murdered by gangs of U.P.A.:
Bednarz, Michał, age 49                 Pleśniarski, Stanisław, age 34
Buba, Kazimierz, age 21                 Podwapińska, Katarzyna, age 28
Chrząszcz, Andrzej, age 46              Słyszyk, Wiktoria, age 34
Pituch, Stanisław, age 43

In memory of the people of Bukowsko who died and world association of AK Sanok soldiers.

Consecrated:  September 15, 1996.

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