List of Długie Residents Killed During WWI
woj. podkarpackie (old woj. Krosno)

Information about the history of Zarszyn and Długie was written by Walerian Betkowski and included in the Sanok Yearbook 1963.  This long (over 100 pages) article lists names of inhabitants of Zaryszn and Długie as they were listed in documents starting from the 17th century or even earlier.

Walerian Betkowski based his paper on two large sets of historic documents available in Poland for the researched area:

Of particular interest is the list of surnames of people from Długie Poland who gave up their lives for their country during World War I.

*Polish diacritics are not represented.

Wladyslaw Adamski
Bartlomeij Aleksander
Michal Betkowski
Filip Betkowski
Jakub Czaja
Michael Czajnik
Josef Duda
Stanislaw Konieczny
Feliks Kurpiel
Tomasz Kruczkiewicz
Adam Mazurkiewicz
Bartlomiej Malek
Daniel Malek
Szymon Malek
Josef Niemczyk
Franciszek Okolotkiewicz
Walenty Pietrzkiewicz
Pawel Rysz
Bartlomiej Szychowski
Franciszek Szychowski
Piotr Tutak
Michal Tutak
Stanislaw Twardy
Kazimierz Twardy
Stanislaw Twardy
Josef Twardy
Jan Wegrzyn
Filip Wegrzyn
Stanislaw Wegrzyn
Wojciech Wegrzynowski
Piotr Wegrzynowski
Wladyslaw Winiarski
Josef Wojtal
Josef Zimon

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