Residents of Konary and Dziewa killed during WWII
Pieranie Parish, województwo Bydgoszcz

This plaque is mounted to outside wall of a store in Konary. The plaque reads:

1939 - 1969

In the years 1939-1945, during German occupation,  these Polish
citizens listed below who lived in Konary, Dziewa and nearby
villages were bestially killed by Hitler criminals.

Jazozewski, Alojzy - School headmaster
Piwko, Jan  - Head of village
Gapinska, Katarzyna
Bartczak, Stanisław
Kruszynski, Stanisław
Ziołkowski, Władysław
Giminski, Ludwik
Pawłowski, Leon
Winkowski, Władysław
Marszewski, Dominik

and 12 unidentified men who were killed in Dziewa. The memory of
your martyr's death will always be in our hearts.

Konary, January, 1969

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