Nagorzany Cemetery Headstones
(old woj.) Krosno, Poland

This list represents most of the visible graves in the churchyard surrounding the ruined Nagorzany church (originally a Greek Catholic cerkiew), transcribed from photos I took in April, 2008. There are more graves than represented here, however the inscriptions are now impossible to read. There are not many graves to begin with as the church has not been used in approximately 60 years. The church is in need of restoration. It does not have a roof and its walls are crumbling. The entries appear below in alphabetical order, not in the order found in the cemetery.

Anastazja Lenio
[no other information]

Fesko Lenio
Died in 1888 at age 56

Ignacy Lenio
1877 - 1901

Maria Patrylak
Died in 1946

Michal Patrylak
1866 - 1925

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