Odrzechowa Cemetery Headstones
Powiat Sanok, old woj. Krosno

The following list of headstones were transcribed from photographs found on a CD at LDS library. These are by no means all of the headstones in Odrzechowa, as the cemetery is pretty big. I hope to finish photographing these headstones in 2016. Names with an asterisk * after them indicate the headstone has a photograph of the deceased.






Ann Byrwa

April 3, 1887

Jan. 2, 1966


Jadwiga Kozimor *

Jan. 7, 1901

April 20, 1983


Ksenia Kozimor *

Nov. 19, 1908

April 29, 1994


Maciej Kozimor




Stefan Kozimor *

March 5, 1939

July 5, 1995


Władysław Kozimor

Jan. 1, 1923

June 18, 1985


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