War Memorials in the Churchyard of
St. Stanisław the Bishop Catholic Church in Solec Kujawski

old województwo Bydgoszcz, April 2022

"To the victims of the terror of the German occupation, 1939"

'In this place lie the inhabitants of Solec Kujawski and surroundings and an unknown soldier of the Polish Army,
victims of German crimes murdered by local Selbstschutz in autumn 1939."




Franciszek Borkowski

April 30, 1912

September 21, 1939

Władysław Kielbasa

September 30, 1898

September 14,1939

Stanisław Organisciak

February 17, 1901

October 4, 1939

Czesław Sokołowski

February 10, 1910

October 5, 1939

Władysław Świątkowski

May 15, 1895

October 26, 1939

Unknown Soldier


"Identified during the exhumation on December 7,1945 and buried in this grave on December 9, 1945."

Debbie Greenlee took a photograph of the memorial in April 2022. If you would like information on how to obtain an image of the photograph contact: Debbie Greenlee